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Exercise Materials for 2013


The purpose of this exercise is to provide participants with an opportunity to evaluate current response concepts, plans, and capabilities related to a surge from a food-borne illness in the local community. This year’s 2013 exercise will focus on the coordination of surveillance activities and health system capabilities anticipated when managing a medical surge among community healthcare partners. Key goals for this year’s exercise include:

  • Improve medical surge capacity relative to a food-borne emergency among medical and health partners.
  • Improve healthcare system response within the State.
  • Enhance communications across all levels of the medical health system.
  • Improve resource requesting and information sharing across all levels of the medical health system.
  • Activate and utilize Incident Command System (ICS) principles (ICS, Hospital Incident Command System, Standardized Emergency Management System) across all levels of the medical health system.


The scenario for the 2013 Statewide Medical and Health Exercise is based on a food-borne event

  • Please visit the current California Statewide Medical and Health Training and Exercise Program year for training information.

  • Clinical Organizations
  • Non-Clinical Organizations

  • Tabletop Exercise PowerPoint
  • Situation Manual

  • Exercise Guidebook
  • Exercise Plan
  • Controller and Evaluator Handbook
  • Master Scenario Events List (MSEL)
  • Exercise Evaluation Guides
  • After Action Report/Improvement Plan