CDPH - Emergency Preparedness Office

Phase I - Multi-Media Training

California is currently facing many fiscal challenges that may impact staffing and training programs at the local level. To address these challenges, the Statewide Medical and Health Exercise Workgroup developed a training program that can be utilized for many years. With this in mind, the workgroup agreed to utilize last year’s Multi-Media Training for this year’s program.

The California Public Health and Medical Emergency Operations Manual (EOM) was published in 2011 and reflects a common operational framework and standardized processes for key elements of emergency response involving the public health and medical system, including information sharing and resource requesting and management

A series of training modules designed for new staff of a broad audience. Topics include; Disaster Preparedness and Response, Medical and Health Coordination and Requesting Medical and Health Resources.

This training, developed by the San Mateo County Public Health System of California, is intended for local health department staff who may be assigned to the department operations center during an emergency response. The Department Operations Center (DOC): Basic Training for California Health Departments online course was developed to help public health professionals strengthen their familiarity with the Incident Command System (ICS) for managing all-hazards emergency responses..