Water Purification Integration Equipments (Packaged)


Water Purification Integration Equipments, Fast settling tank (Packaged)


Water Purification Integration Equipments (Packaged), Dosing Device, chlorine dioxide generator, Pressure type water purification integration, Clean water tank


Water Purification Integration Equipments (Packaged), Pipeline Mixer


Deiron and Demanganese equipment (Packaged)


Wastewater Treatment Equipment (Packaged), Mechanical Equipment Screens, Oil-water separator, Water Purification Integration Equipments, dosing device, pipeline mixer, valve, fuel tank, manual screen, wastewater treatment equipments,Aeration pipe, Aeration header, sterilizing device, liquid level control device, Rotary filter, Flat steel gate, Rotary filter (Vitenam Jinpu 2*300MW unit)


Mechanical screening, Seawater pretreatment equipment, Oily wastewater treatment equipment, Domestic sewage treatment equipment, Mechanical accelerate clarifier stirring sludge scraper, Gravity type valveless filtering basin, ZSB,Manual-mechanical Iron inlaid copper square gate, Clarifier accelerate stirring machine, Clarifier stirring sludge scraper, Water purification equipment, Domestic sewage treatment equipment, oily water treatment equipment, Seawater pretreatment equipment, Water circulation clarifier, Gravity type valveless filtering basin, Underground wastewater treatment equipment, Dosing machine(Indonisia PT.PPE2X7MW POEER PLANT Project packaged equipment), Iron inlaid copper square gate, Water circulation Clarifier(PT.PLN2*10MW power plant project), Indonesia Medan 2X200mw machine: Sludge scraper, Pipeline mixer, Coal water treatment equipment; Indonesia Guohua Coal electrical project 2X150mw power plant: Coal-water treatment equipment, sludge scraper, Pressure filter, Dosing machine, Belt thickening dewaterer, Pipeline Mixer; Indonesia Cogeneration Plant: Trash screen, Rotary net cleaning, Steel Gate.


 Oil-water separator, Air pressure water supply device, chlorine dioxide generator


Pump dredger


Rotary filter, Valveless filtering pool( packaged), Sludge Conveyor


Deiron and Demanganese filter( Packaged), chlorine dioxide generator, Water Purification Integration Equipments, Dosing Device, Pipeline Mixer, sterilizing dosing device,Stainless steel screen, (Phuket water supply project) Dosing device


Rotary filter (Packaged), Manual cast iron (mounting copper) square gate, Rotary mechanical screen, Screw conveyor, Bridge style sand sucking machine, Sand-water separator, Adjustable effluent weir, Peripheral Drive Sludge Scraper & Suction Machine, Central driving Thickener, Steel bridge aisle, Shaftless screw conveyor, Rotary Screen Cleaning machine, Spiral extractor


Rotary solid-liquid separator, Carving screen cleaner, Flat steel shutter, Hoist, Rotary Grit Chamber, Sand-water separator, Airfioatation Degreasing equipment, Membrane aerator, Diving stirring machine


Vertical Clarifier stirring sludge scraper, Multi-layer aeration tower, Dosing machine, Sludge backflow system


Water Purification Integration Equipments (Packaged), Dosing machine, Pipeline Mixer


Clarifier stirring machine (3 sets), Clarifier sludge scraper (3 sets), Electrical controller (3 sets). (India WPCPL4X135MW Power Generation Project). Lime storage, Vibration hopper, Material supply machine, Spiral conveyor, Air-smoke separator, Stirring box, Balancing tank, Bag dust separator. (India labuan2x300mw Fuel power generation project) Clarifier, Mixing box, Sludge Thickener scraper, Filter Press, Cleaning tank, Dosing machine, Mechanical clarifier stirring sludge scraper (APL5X660MW power plant project).


 Water Purification Integration Equipments, Pipeline Mixer, Dosing machine, Coagulant, Inclined tube


Stirring machine


Stirring machine, Thickener


HNH-50 incinerator, Domestic sewage treatment equipment (packaged

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