Jiangsu Yihuan Group EP engineering Co.,Ltd
Jiangsu Yihuan Group EP engineering Co.,Ltd  
      (hereafter for short: EP engineering Co.) EP engineering Co. is one of the holding subsidiaries of Jiangsu Yihuan Group. The registered capital is 25 million, specializing in project construction, installation and operation, it is an independent accounting unit.
      The business scope for EP engineering Co. is: contracting of EP engineering projects, Garden water features design, Water Supply and Drainage project, Municipal Engineering project and electrical mechanic installation project. ( the above scope is operation by effective certifications).
      There are 5 professional specialized management departments in EP engineering Co.: water pollution prevention management department, noise prevention engineering management department, waste incinerator engineering management department, project construction management department and electrical mechanic installation department.
      The principle of EP engineering Co. is "live with quality, develop by service", we will service all the municipal public departments and other industries wholeheartedly. We welcome customers all over the world come to our company to visit.